Ransom Memorial Hospital’s original 1931 campus

Ransom Memorial Hospital

Ransom Memorial Hospital began operation in the spring of 1931 through a generous gift by Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Cook and matched with money raised by the community. The small, two-story building was staffed by eleven employees that practiced personalized, family-oriented medical care. In 1954, funds were raised and a new wing was added to the south east corner of the facility, opening in 1956. Expansion continued in 1968 when a third floor was added to the southeast wing and again in 1974 when the west wing was built.

For the next 15 years the hospital did not take on any major renovations or expansion projects. In 1990 the south half of the original and first addition wing were torn down and replaced with a new building, opening in December of 1991. The remaining north half was removed in 1992.

A stroll through the main hallway of the new building today, speaks to the legacy of yesterday. Portraits of those dedicated individuals who served this community and retired their practices in Ottawa are available for viewing. Take a moment to visit this celebration of our medical past.

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