Outpatient Services

Contact this department: (785) 229-8203

Ransom Memorial Hospital has a team of medical specialists to ensure your health care is excellent.

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When coming in for Outpatient Services or to visit one of the clinic physicians, please check in at the Information Desk. This is conveniently located just to your right when you come into the main lobby. You may be asked to wait until a Patient Registration representative is available to complete this process.

Financial Arrangements

As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance company for you. You should be aware that hospital insurance plans do not always provide full coverage for your bill. Charges not covered by your insurance plan are your responsibility. Your hospital bill does not include your physician’s fee. In addition, your physician may request the services of a radiologist or anesthesia provider. They will bill you separately. Questions concerning a patient’s bill can be directed to the Business Office at (785) 229-3379.

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