Employee Benefits


If you have questions about any of these benefits, and need answers that might help you make a decision about working for us, please feel free to call the Human Resources Office at (785) 229-8370. We would be happy to visit with you over the phone or set up an appointment.


Continuing Education – RMH is a provider for Nursing continuing Education. All programs are free of charge to employees.

Travel Expenses – when RMH sends employees to seminars, it pays for expenses, travel, lodging and meals.

Kansas Nursing Scholarship – Participation in program in which the state pays half and RMH pays half of the scholarship. Recipient agrees to work full time for RMH for number of years in school. Participation depends on staffing needs, preference given to our own employee. A medical career scholarship is also available through the hospital.

Tuition Reimbursement – Employees can be reimbursed for up to $500.00 per semester for books and tuition, with a passing grade. *

*Must be at least a half time employee working 20 hours per week.


Employee Assistance Program – Offers a broad range of counseling services to employees and their immediate family members in a confidential setting. First 3 visits are free.

Well-Life – A program to help employees focus on improving or enhancing their physical health. RMH health insurance premium deductions are available. Gym memberships at the Gollier Center are available for only $5/mo for employees or $7.50 for a family.


Ransom Bistro– Meals available to employees at a 25% discount with ID badge.

Hospital Services – Every employee receives $250.00 discount on services (excluding Pharmacy) for each member in the immediate family per year.


Health – Self-Funded plan with a PPO component, incentives to use RMH or PPO, but outside choices available.      0 – $595.00 to $3,570 deductible per year depending on plan, prescriptions card program, dental coverage at 50%. Employee cost: Single High Plan is $131.26 per month; Single Low Plan is $102.90 per month; Family High Plan is $378.00 per month; and Family Low Plan is $304.50 per month.

Physicians covered by RMH Health Insurance
PCHS (Private Healthcare Systems)

Life – Hospital purchases $10,000.00 coverage on the employee. Employee can purchase additional coverage for themselves, spouses, and children. *

Supplemental – A variety of coverages can be purchased through payroll deduction. Insurance is paid directly to the employee, is designed to deal with out-of-pocket expenses. Coverages include: Cancer, ICCU and Hospital Confinement, Organ Transplant, Accident and Short Term Disability, and Dental.

Worker’s Compensation – Coverage for medical expenses resulting from injury on the job.

Section 125 – Tax deferment for health insurance premium. Spending account to defer taxation on money for child or dependent care or unreimbursed medical expenses.

*Must be at least a half time employee working 20 hours per week.


DL – Discretionary Leave is designed to be used when an employee needs paid time away from work for one or the following reasons: Holiday, personal days, sick days, low census days, or vacation. DL is accrued by employees based on number of hours worked, according to the number of years of service at RMH.

Holiday – 6 scheduled holidays, employees receive time and a half pay for those days worked.

Disability – Short Term Disability – After the 8th day of illness or injury, 66 2/3% of pay for up to 13 weeks under physician’s care.* Long Term Disability – 60% coverage after 6 months.*

Bereavement – Up to three days above and beyond DL for a death in the immediate family. Available to employees who work at least 20 hours per week.

Jury Duty – Paid as if normally worked. Employee turns over payment from court to employer. Full time employees only qualify.

Worker’s Comp. – Worker injured on the job who is absent because of injury, will receive 2/3 of normal pay after the 7th day of absence. If absence continues past 21 days, comp will be paid for the first 7 days.


Hospital Bills – Bills may be deducted in increments from employee paychecks, at employee’s request.

Other – Auxiliary Gift Shop, United Way, Benefit Deductions and payment for Recreation Events, i.e. Worlds of Fun discount tickets, Branson Silver Dollar City and White Water discount tickets, Renaissance tickets, Chiefs, Royals, New Theater etc., may also be deducted.


Social Security – The hospital participates in this program.

Tax Deferred Annuity – Employees who are 20 ½ years old will be allowed to defer funds into their retirement plan immediately. Those employees who choose to save money in RMH’s voluntary deferred compensation plan will receive a matching contribution by the hospital on the first full pay period at the end of the 90-day introductory period. Employees who have a pension account in another plan may choose to have those accounts moved to an new 401(a) pension plan, which is where all matching contributions will be made. The entire list of 18 investment options will be available for both plans.

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