Patient & Family Advisory Council

Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) is very important to Ransom Memorial Health. It offers a promising pathway toward higher quality health care, more efficient care and improved overall population health.  Engagement meaning consultation, collaboration and partnership between patient and families with staff to improve the care to our patients.

Patient Engagement is a concept that will help redesigning our health care systems. A Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) partners patients and families with members of the healthcare team to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience. Through their unique experiences, they give input on issues that impact care, ensuring that the next patient or family member’s journey is improved.

Five ways that patient and family engagement can directly impact our hospital per the Health Educational Research and Trust organization is:

  • Contributes to better clinical outcomes
  • Reduces institutional and individual costs of care
  • Increases adherence to recommended treatment regiments, which can lead to fewer complications and re-hospitalizations
  • Improves patient satisfaction with care coordination
  • Enables compliance with patient engagement requirements included in meaningful use and medical home models.


Patient Engagement allows RMH to provide care that is respectful of, responsive to patient and family needs, preferences and values. The mission of the Ransom Memorial Patient & Family Advisory Council is aligned with RMH’s mission, vision and values as below. The PFAC is dedicated to ensuring that our patient and families have a safe, high quality, compassionate and supported health care experience.

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council serves in the role of patient and family advocacy and collaborates with the hospital staff to improve the overall quality of care and the patient experience at Ransom Memorial Hospital.

PFAC is a VALUABLE resource to RMH!

Effective PFACs become an irreplaceable resource for organizational insight and guidance – providers, staff and leaders rely on the PFAC. They are the…..VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER!

2017 Patient & Family Advisory Council

Back Row Left to Right: Pam Collins; Linda Jensen; Nancy Ferguson; Amy Evans; Kim Evans
Front Row Left to Right: Beth Keim; Earlene Elliott; and Peggy Kreiser

Why are we Ransom Proud?

I am Ransom Proud and happy to be connected with RMH. We have a great hospital, very friendly and superior staff with excellent Doctors. RMH is like my extended family. I lost my husband in Nov. 2015 and my Mom in Feb 2016. The people I came in contact with were very supportive from the CEO all the way to the maintenance employees. I volunteer in Ambulatory Surgery on Wed. mornings. My husband always said keep the nurses happy,so I always bake  goodies for them. It makes me feel good when I see their smiles on Wed. mornings. They fill a bit of a big empty spot in my heart. I am very thankful to volunteer and to be part of the Patient & Family Advisory Council helping in any way I can to tell people about our great hospital and community.”
–Linda Jensen 

“I am Ransom Proud of our positive impact on our patients.”
–Pam Collins

“I am Ransom Proud because when my daughter was younger she had a lot of health issues. We brought her to RMH and the doctors and nurses reacted quickly, although she had to be transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital, the care that she received at Ransom and the quick action by the physicians and staff made me know she was in good hands.”
–Kim Evans

“The never ending quest to make a great facility better, whether it be by acquiring top notch physicians and staff, or improving facilities, patient satisfaction, purchasing power, implementing cost saving measures or encouraging the next generation.  These are what make me Ransom Proud!”
–Nancy Ferguson

“I am Ranson Proud because over the years when I was living n California and Texas,  I was always reassured by the quality care the doctors and staff at Ransom Memorial Hospital provided my parents!”
–Earlene (Ernie) Elliott

“Ottawa and the surrounding communities can be ” Ransom Proud ” to have such a great Hospital  and outstanding Doctors since many communities are losing both.”
–Peggy Kreiser

“Ransom Memorial Hospital will get you on the right road to recovery! 
–Beth Keim