The RMH Go Baby Go program introduces another car and driver! Makayla is three years old and the new driver of a ride on car, adapted by Dan at Trendel Lumber and Jim at Performance Electric. The adapted car allows Makayla to explore the world in an upright position, working on her trunk control and use of hands to drive. A huge thank you to the donor of the car, Carol from Garnett, Trendel Lumber and Performance Electric. Go Makayla, Go!

Led by the RMH Gollier Rehabilitation Physical Therapy team, the Go Baby Go program adapts ride on toys to provide mobility and sociability for children with special needs. If you’re interestested in becoming involved in the program, contact RMH Gollier Rehabiltiation at 785-229-8343 or email Megan Jones at

Ways You Can Help:

  • Simply spread the word! Go Baby Go is a great program and we’d like you to share that with your family and friends
  • Monetary donations are certainly accepted and greatly appreciated
  • Ride-on car and other supply donations are welcome

Makayla and RMH Physical Therapist, Megan Jones, getting ready to hit the road

A special moment between Makayla and Carol, who donated the car to the program

Let’s get this show on the road!

Check out that hot pink car!