Remarkable Care

Remarkable Care Stories are submitted by both staff and patients. At the end of each month, the RMH Culture Committee reviews all stories submitted in that month and chooses a Remarkable Care story of the month. WOW! Our employees truly are Remarkable. Below are our top stories from 2018.

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 February 2018


Stacie Kelly, APRN, NP-C, RMH Express Care & RMH Specialty Care
Stacie is a Nurse Practitioner in Express Care. During this recent flu season, she encountered a family in express care. The patient was expecting, but had all the symptoms of the flu and also the husband was also ill. The husband did not have insurance. During this time of care- Stacie ascertained that the patient was scheduled for a C-section within a few days, but the husband needed to be treated for the flu, before the new baby is delivered. She treated the patient appropriately, and then she dug into her own purse, and gave this family a VISA “gift card for $100” she had received as a personal gift for Christmas- so that he could go to the pharmacy and get “Tamiflu”- the generic is usually $107.00. Another staff member overheard this exchange, and told me about it. When I talked with Stacie, thanking her for her kindness to this patient family, she tried to downplay this story…. she said it broke her heart to see how poor this family was, and how much they needed some kindness (and to get well before the new baby’s arrival”. Now that’s a hero- a WOW story – of REMARKABLE CARE PROVIDER!!


March 2018


Amber Snover-Dryden, LPN, RMH Women’s Health
Amber had her mother in the Emergency Room and she noticed one of her patients she sees in the GYN clinic sitting alone( she is a special needs patient that is being raised by a single mother who also has another special needs daughter at home she is raising) the two daughters are in their 20″s so capable of riding to the hospital by ambulance alone which is how the daughter got here but was unable to get a ride home because this all happened on one of those evenings that it was icy and the mother was having a difficult time getting her vehicle unthawed and unstuck from the ice. The patient had been waiting for hours prior to Ambers arrival, Amber found a moment to leave her mothers side to take the patient home. That was an example of self-sacrificing and remarkable care!



April 2018


Christy Hughes – Dietary
For Valentine’s and Easter Christy made small holiday themed candy holders to put on each patient tray with their meal order. On Easter she made small Easter baskets and Valentine’s day she made little frogs. The fact that she spent her own time and money to make a patient’s stay special on a holiday is just awesome! She must have spent hours at home making these out of yarn and other decorations. What a personal touch! She clearly genuinely cares about her patients! Thank you, Christy!




May 2018


Nicole Ketcher – Patient Access
Nicole noticed a vehicle across the street from the ER that had been pulled over, and a young girl came into the ED waiting area shortly after. Nicole asked the young lady if she needed to be checked into the ER. The young girl indicated she did not. Nicole noticed she looked scared and started talking more to her. She found out the girl was far away from home and didn’t know what she should do. Nicole comforted her and said “Just know, if you’re in trouble you can always call mom or dad, no matter the situation.” Not long after that the girl had called her mom who had bought her a plane ticket to come home. The young girl did not have money to get to the airport. Nicole pulled out $20 of her own money and gave to the girl for transportation to the city. Nicole gave the girl her phone number and indicated to her, when you get home to your mom, text me so I know you got there. Nicole indicated hours later, she received a text back from this girl indicating she was home.

Wow!! This brought tears to my eyes. Nicole is truly a caring genuine person who is here to help people. This is only one of the many examples of kindness she shows not only to our community, but also her co-workers! Nicole is truly Ransom Proud!


June 2018


Rodney McCalla, MD, General Surgeon
I had an emergency and Dr. McCalla was a wonderful leader of the surgery team. Not only did Dr. McCalla come in after hours, but I asked if he would pray with me before surgery when my family could not get here fast enough. He and the whole surgery team did this for me and it was a REMARKABLE experience. Then there was the issue of my frantically worried 91 year old mother who is out-of -state. I asked him if we could call her and reassure her. He said yes. We called her and he said, “Hello Miss Irene, I have your daughter here and we are getting ready to go into surgery. I have a great team with me. She’ll be in surgery for about 30 minutes then you’ll be talking to her soon. What you need to know is that we are all friends here, and we will take good care of our friend.” In pure anxiety, my mother asked a question that is out of character for her. That was, “Are you a pretty good surgeon?” He replied in humility, “Well, they say I am!” At this, my mother breathed a heavy sigh of relief. What Dr. McCalla learned later is the last daughter of my mother who was hospitalized never came home and there was a funeral. Dr. McCalla is more than a surgeon to me and I will never forget how he took care of me and my family on this day. Thank you for doing all the body, mind, and spiritual things that are important to this patient Dr. Mc Calla!


July 2018


Laura Kuczmarski, Human Resources
A woman was walking past the HR window, outside in 95 degree weather. She appeared to be extremely weak. Laura quickly ran outside to help her to the front of the hospital to cool off. Laura got the woman something cold to drink and visited with the woman. Laura soon discovered the woman had just been released from our hospital after spending 5 days in ICU and needed to walk to the bank to get cash for her rent that she was late on due to being in the hospital. Laura drove the woman to the bank, then home, and offered to take her shopping the next day at 4:00. The woman was at RMH again the next day still looking weak and Laura, once again, went out to help her. She was on her way to the bank again so Laura obliged and even took the woman to Sonic for a drink.



August 2018


Megan Cevoli, PT – Gollier Rehabilitation
We have a mutual patient with Meg, who also has a large family.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, this family was unable to purchase school supplies and school clothes for their older children.  Through conversation, Meg also found other needs of the family.  Meg used her own money and time to go to Walmart to purchase school supplies and clothes for the children.  After discussion, Meg also was able to collect money from other RMH employees to also provide gift cards for groceries and other needs.  THANK YOU Meg for your giving heart- we know this made a HUGE difference to this family and lifted a lot of weight off their shoulders.




September 2018


Hannah Junker, CNA – Medical/Surgical Unit
Hannah has a great personality and always brings a smile. Someone had brought my dad some ice cream and when she went to grab it out of the freezer, it was gone. Next thing we knew, she came in with a big amazing piece of Oreo cake from the kitchen. Very Sweet. She took Remarkable Care of my dad.






October 2018


Brenda Hawkins, RN – Outpatient Nursing Director
I had a patient come into Express Care around 4pm. She was heavily pregnant and needed IV fluids. I asked Brenda how much longer she would be here and she said ’45 minutes’. Well it is now 7:20 and my patient just left, feeling so much better! Thank you, Brenda for what you did today and what you do everyday!