RMH Celebrates 2017 Service Award Recipients


Each year, RMH honors employees based on their years of service to the organization. This years’ celebration dinner was held on Monday, January 8, 2018, at the Bottle House in Ottawa. The evening began with opening remarks from RMH CEO, Matt Heyn, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by ACA Catering. Five and ten year award recipients were recognized by Matt Heyn. Employees that have worked at RMH for 15 years or more were then recognized with personal statements and stories from their department managers.

The evening concluded with special recognition of our 40-year award recipient, Shari Bailey. Shari works in Health Information Management as a Coder and has seen many changes and so much growth at RMH throughout her 40 years.  A special tribute was also made to Sue Marie Martin, who passed away in October 2017. May 30, 2018 would mark Sue’s 40th year of service at RMH. As the Executive Director of HR, Sue was a cornerstone for our institution. We are so thankful for all that Sue contributed to RMH and she will continue to be missed.

Thank you RMH employees for providing Remarkable Care! Pictures of this years’ event can be viewed below.


5 Year Recipients
Left to Right: Jessica Kirkland, Jessica Wasson, Dawn Hastings, Nicole Smith,
Jessica Lemons, Andrew Durbin, Allen Durbin, Dale Dalenberg, MD, Judy Hintzman,
Beverly Colbern, Laura Baker, JoAnna Bishop, Jessica Duvall

10 Year Recipients
Left to Right: Carlo Balote, Lisa White, Laurie Butler, Tom Shrimplin,
Kathryn Knobloch, Sandy Lovgren, Alona Labio, Shirley Matile

Pam Harris, VP of Physician Enterprises & Joette French, 15 Year Recipient

15 Year Recipients
Left to Right: Penny Thompson, Joette French, Diane Peine

20 Year Recipients
Bill Pfizenmaier & Brenda Pfizenmaier

25 Year Recipient
Linda Reed

Judy Hintzman, Director of HIM, highlighting Shari Bailey’s 40 Years at RMH

40 Year Recipient
Shari Bailey