Do you feel you have difficulty understanding speech when there is noise present?
Do family members tell you the TV is turned up too loud? Then you may have a hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a very common condition and one that most people notice years before they seek assistance. Some hearing losses can be treated medically and others may be treated with the use of hearing aids. There are many styles and pricing options for patients who may benefit from hearing aids. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Katie Turner, Audiologist, to learn about your options for better hearing. She is available 5 days a week for hearing testing and hearing aid demonstrations/fittings.

RMH’s Audiology Department is now offering FREE batteries for one year and FREE hearing aid checks for the life of the aid(s) with the purchase of a new hearing aid(s).

Services provided:

  • Hearing Evaluations for adults and children over 6 months of age
  • Adult Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Battery Sales


Medical Arts Building
1402 S. Main St.
Ottawa, KS 66067

Office: (785) 229-3390
Appointments are available Monday through Friday