Infection Prevention and Control


The Infection Prevention and Control Department is responsible for the detection, control and prevention of infection of patients, staff and volunteers. We work to reduce infections acquired in the hospital and infections brought in from the community.

Infections could include measles in the community or a blood disease acquired through an on-the-job accident.

We establish control measures, employee health programs and screenings, and immunization opportunities.

Prevention and Education
In order to prevent possible infections we offer a number of education opportunities to employees about such things as new vaccines, new equipment, antibiotics and other products new to the market.

Ransom Memorial Hospital strives to improve the quality of healthcare through the practice and management of infection control and the application of epidemiology in all healthcare settings.

  • Collaborates with clinical and other departments to develop strategies for infection prevention
  • Serves as liasion to the local, regional and state health departments
  • Department consultations as requested
  • Participates in department/unit environmental rounds and audits
  • Assist with JCAHO survey preparation
  • Surveillance of nosocomial infections
  • Serve as an informational and educational resource
  • Works with Public Relations to provide community education when requested
  • Plans and conducts inservices and educational programs for employees of Ransom Memorial Hospital and the community

The Infection Prevention and Control Department at Ransom Memorial Hospital is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all individuals utilizing its inpatient and outpatient services. Most “germs” are harmless to us and many are actually beneficial, but a few bacteria and viruses are infectious and can make us ill. It is important to learn how to prevent these disease causing “germs” from spreading person to person.

The Infection Prevention and Control Department at Ransom Memorial Hospital provides educational in-services and participates in a proactive education program for staff. Education focuses on infectious diseases and preventing the spread of infection. The Director of Infection Prevention and Control monitors patient care areas in the hospital facility for possible infection control concerns.

Proper Handwashing Procedure

  1. Wet all hand surfaces with warm, running water
  2. Apply soap to all surfaces of the hands and lather well
  3. Use brisk rubbing to dislodge “germs” from all hand surfaces, paying particular attention to cuticles, under the fingernails, between fingers and on tops of hands
  4. Wash hands for at least 10-15 seconds
  5. Rinse hands under a steady stream of warm, running water while holding hands downward to rinse “germs” down the drain
  6. Dry hands thoroughly with a clean paper towel or warm-air hand dryer
  7. Use a clean paper towel to turn off the water faucet. It is a good idea to use a clean paper towel to open the exit door of public restrooms.

“Remember. Hand washing is a ‘Hands-on’ business and proper hand washing is priority #1″


Ransom Memorial Health
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Department Director:
Cindy Tiblow, RN, CCRN, IP
Office:  (785) 248-2915